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Treasure on the 360, 2D shooter on the way


1UP recently sat down with the president of Treasure, Masato Maegawa, to discuss development for new gen consoles, and -- most importantly for us -- their plans for the Xbox 360. Treasure currently has a retail 2D shooter in the works for the Xbox 360. Maegawa claims that the graphics will be 3D but that the gameplay will stay true to the 2D style that Treasure fans have come to know and love. Also worth noting, the game is being created by the team responsible for the Dreamcast swan song, Ikaruga. Furthermore, he says that Treasure is considering an original title for the Xbox Live Arcade. Maegawa also says that 4 Genesis titles could make their way to the Arcade as well. Hey, give us Gunstar Heroes and Guardian Heroes and we will be happy campers.

We love us some Treasure (yar!) and it's nice to see Microsoft actively pursuing talented studios. What Treasure game would you like to see brought to the Arcade?

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