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Apple Inc., beyond the "Computer"

Mat Lu

With all the hubbub today folks may have missed a small but telling detail. Given the focus on iPods and now the iPhone, Jobs announced the company itself had changed its name from "Apple Computer Inc." to simply "Apple Inc." (already reflected on the bottom of the homepage, right).

Since the iPod became such a hit, many old-time Mac folks have worried that that Apple was increasingly moving away from the Macintosh. While I think it's premature to worry too much, certainly the change in name reflects a substantial shift in Apple's (or perhaps better, Steve Jobs') understanding of what Apple is as a company. It's starting to look like Apple is repositioning itself into a consumer electronics company that also makes computers (Sony, anyone?). What this means in the long term, both for the Mac and for Apple, is anyone's guess. It's heartening, though, that the iPhone will run OS X, so we can hope that even as Apple goes into new markets it won't forget the Mac faithful who got it here in the first place. What's your take on the name change?

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