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Around Azeroth Extra: Kruul stomps Stormwind

Eliah Hecht

As we all know, Kazzak has gone through the dark portal and left his lieutenant, Kruul, in his stead. It looks like Kruul got tired of hanging around the Blasted Lands and wanted to come see the cities of the world -- I've heard about Kruul sightings in at least Stormwind, Booty Bay, and Ironforge today. So I flew into Stormwind to try to get his autograph, but he seems to have accidentally one-shotted me with his Void Bolt volley. About six times.

He seems to have found the residents of Stormwind quite delectable. As one player announced in chat, "the streets of Stormwind are being repaved with the bones of its defenders."

As if void bolt volleys that hit for over 2000 and ignore line of sight weren't enough, Blizz seems to have felt the need to endow Kruul with spawns as well. He's got some Core Hound lookalikes:

And some infernals. We actually managed to drop his pets, but as far as I know they didn't give any loot. (Sorry -- although I took over 150 screenshots, I couldn't find any better ones of his infernals. They seemed to stop spawning soon after I arrived.)

After killing wave after wave after wave of people in front of Stormwind, he eventually made it as far in as the Auction House. Perhaps he just wanted to go shopping.

Oh yeah, did I mention he heals every time he kills someone? And yes, that really says twenty-five thousand.

After sitting by the AH for a while, he went into evade and blinked back to the gates.

I'd give you some more shots from out front SW, but it pretty much kept going the same way. Death after death after death. After slaughtering us for about an hour, he finally just faded away like the bad dream that he may have been (except I've got screenshots).

Finally, I leave you with a couple of reader-submitted screenshots from the Ironforge leg of Kruul's tour. Tulkas of Eitrigg gives us this image of the unstoppable force meeting an unkillable object:

And Flyv, of the guild We Know on Eitrigg, leaves us with this one, just to prove that even when huge demons come marauding, they just can't stop dancing. Ironforgians are such party animals.

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