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Dan Warne hates 10 things about the iPhone

Scott McNulty

Nothing in this world is perfect, other than hindsight, and the iPhone is no exception. People will encounter quirks when using this product in the real world. Hey, it happens (especially with a first rev of a complex product).

Dan Warne has given a little thought to the iPhone and has created a list of ten things he hates about it. Considering that the iPhone has been out for less than a day this is an impressive feat. Dan lists, amongst his complaints:
  • The battery isn't removable
  • EDGE (it is slow compared to the other options)
  • 5 hour talk time
He makes some good point but isn't it interesting that despite these 10 things he hates about the iPhone he is still going to get one. That, my friends, is the true power of Apple.

Is there anything about the iPhone that you hate? Sound off in the comments.

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