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EGM's Rumor Mill hints at more Square Enix love


An IGN Boards member, canedaddy, got his hands on the latest issue of EGM, and found something of interest to PSP fans. The Rumor Mill supposedly states that Square Enix is bringing over even more support to our favorite handheld: "Square Enix is whipping up a wild lineup for PSP this year ... These guys are serious too! I'm talking new games, remakes of old classics, and an all-new, unexpected Final Fantasy spinoff that will make the fanboys flip."

We know that Square is bringing over Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Final Fantasy Tactics to the PSP. What other surprises might they have in store for us? Let the speculation begin.

(Pictured: Final Fantasy XIII: Versus. Could the FFXIII universe expand to the PSP?)

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