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Gears of War video -- new maps walkthrough

Kevin Kelly

With new maps for Gears of War hitting consoles today, a lot of you are probably going to wander into them, Lancer in hand, and say ... what the hell?! That's because you ain't used to 'em yet, ya noobs. So, there's a handy dandy video walkthrough for you to watch, and go in forearmed with a tiny bit of knowledge. Not that it'll help you from getting chainsawed out of the blue, but maybe it'll give a tiny bit of an edge.

Check out the video after the jump, and also the individual video map walkthroughs both new maps, Raven Down and Old Bones. Then pray for more maps and game types to come trickling down the Epic pipeline. Maybe even a vehicle we can drive? Please? It's either that or we start the "CliffyB Needs a Haircut, Bad" movement.

The new maps overview, plus some words from The Cliff.

Black Do ... er, Raven Down map walkthrough.

Old Bones map walkthrough. Shibby.

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