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Hands-on with the RCA Jet Stream: high quality, truly wireless cans


Those two ear buds may not look very interesting but they are mister, they are. Those little buds represent the very first, truly wireless headphones we've seen capable of stereo sound without that goofy strap or string running between the cans. No, not Bluetooth wireless, that pirate won't be ready to splice the cans until 2008 or so. Aaarg! RCA turned to Kleer technology instead to pull off this minor milestones of miracles while allowing the battery to last 10x as long as Bluetooth headsets. Better yet, they sound awesome. Really. Even on the densely populated CES showroom floor flooded with RF, these headphones provide excellent sound quality when paired with the RCA Jet Stream MP3 player. Range was a bit short compared to Bluetooth -- about 5 or 6 feet from the player -- but the audio was interference free and sounded excellent. Only $129 for the entire kit you say? Sign us up.

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