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Microsoft execs tag-team PS3's online service

Blake Snow

Microsoft execs Peter Moore and Chris Satchell kicked the PS3 while it's down in speaking with at this week's CES. The two called Sony's newly launched online service a "disaster" and that Kutaragi and company lack the talent and "DNA" to deliver a workable service. Moore believes it will take Sony "a couple of years" to ramp up their online efforts, noting that it took Microsoft a good four years to get Live where it is today. He also rolled his eyes at Sony's optimism despite the PS3's production issues. "[Sony is] struggling with some of their hardware issues, and apparently they're going to deliver another five million in the next 90 days," he said.

Satchell echoed similar feelings in regards to Sony's online chops while also criticizing the PS3's $600 price tag: "If I wanted to make my online service better, and I wanted to give [Sony] a little piece of advice, it would be to copy Xbox Live a little more closely ... My honest opinion is that [PS3 Online] is pretty much a disaster. They keep saying that they have a free service. Well, if they don't have anything, of course it's free. And you know what: what's free about $600?"

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