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Midnight launch event confirmed

Eliah Hecht

We posted a few days ago to tell you that the Fry's in Anaheim were having a midnight event for the launch of the Burning Crusade, and now we have official confirmation. Blizzard will be celebrating, selling, and signing copies at four California locations:

  • Fry's Fountain Valley (4500 copies available)
  • Fry's Anaheim (4500 copies available)
  • Fry's Sunnyvale (4500 copies available)
  • Universal Citywalk Gamestop/EB Games (1500 copies available)
Lining up at each of these locations begins at 6 AM on the 15th, and wristbands will be distributed to make sure you get your copy. More details, including store addresses, are available at Blizzard's page. I won't be making it out to my state of birth for this particular party, but I do plan on going to a midnight event at my local GameStop.

So which of you are lucky and dedicated enough to be attending one of these shindigs?

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