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Networks respond to DirecTV's call for "100 HD channels in 2007"


DirecTV claimed it would have 100 national channels by the end of this year and we collectively said... "There are 100 national HD channels?!?!" Multichannel News took a look at some of those names on DirecTV's list and found that they are actually planning on putting at least some HD programming out in the next year. A few channels, like CNN and Sci Fi already have HD programming, even if it's not aired that way. CNN Worldwide president confirmed an HDTV version of the 24 hour news channel will launch in September around the same time as Cartoon Network HD and TBS HD. A spokesman for Fox indicated that although FX and Speed don't have any announced plans for high definition, now that national distribution is assured they can ramp up aggressively. Assuming other channels follow their lead, 2007 should see a veritable explosion of high-def channels, the only question remaining is how will other companies match them (without resorting to HDLite?)... and how in the world will we keep up with the listings?

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