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PDC's Guide Dog gets real, loses parking and Bluetooth

Darren Murph

Sure, we don't mind the impossible happening every once in awhile, but as with our favorite flavor of vaporware, if it sounds too sensational to be realistic, it (almost) always is. PDC hasn't quite pulled a no-show like the lapboard, but the firm's handheld conglomerate most certainly isn't everything it claimed it would be. NaviGadget caught up to PDC while at CES and got some first looks at the Guide Dog, which is now referred to as the PDC-668C, and while it does pack a SiRF Star III receiver, 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD, directional pad, two pre-loaded games, adjustable backlight / volume controls, PAPAGO R12 navigation software, and SD / MMC / PSd memory slots, this Windows CE 5.0-powered navigator (unsurprisingly) lacks the far-fetched parking sensor and Bluetooth capabilities it previously boasted about. Moreover, it's grown quite a bit since its puppy days, garnered a coat of glossy white, and picked up a "suggested price of around $450 to $500," but the firm is still looking for a North American distributor to get these things moving.

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