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Philips Streamium WACS3500 and WAS5000: kind of dreamy, um


Philips are showing off their latest home audio Streamium solution at CES today. Meet the WAS5000 and WACS3500 multi-room solution for streaming music wirelessly throughout the house. The WACS3500 (top) is a three-piece configuration with 80GB hard disk and the ability to up to four additional stations to enable advanced features such as Music Follows Me, the ability for music to turn on and off as you travel from room to room; Music Broadcast to annoy the family everywhere in the house; or My Room, My Music for personalized playlists on different stations in different rooms. The WAS5000 is aimed at extending your existing audio system by connecting UPnP back to your PC and enables the same advanced features as the WACS3500. The WACS3500 should be set to roll in the first half of 2007 for $399 while the WAS5000 will pop for $499.

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