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And the Emmy goes to ... everyone, apparently


Representing the absolute pinnacle of foolish snobbery, we here at Joystiq simply insist on exclusively purchasing Emmy award-winning consoles. Unfortunately, this standard has grown considerably lax in the last few days, with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all being assaulted with pristine statuettes.

It seems they're giving those things to anybody these days. Surely it's time for a recap of the Emmy saga?

After blasting out a press release celebrating a win by the PS3's Sixaxis controller, many were left perplexed by Sony's award -- including Sony themselves. Seamus Byrne of Hydrapinion contacted the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for clarification, only to learn that it was, in fact, the Dual Shock that won the award. It wasn't even the sole winner, since Nintendo's NES D-pad was similarly honored. Sony later followed up with a polite press release apologizing for the error in communication (but not for dropping the only award-winning component from the PS3). Perhaps it would have been better to notify the world about the Xross Media Bar's Emmy for (deep breath) "Outstanding Innovation and Achievement in Advanced Media Technology for the Best Use of Personal Media Display and Presentation Technology."

Whether it came with triumphant fanfare or tongue planted firmly in cheek is unclear, but Microsoft followed the farce by sending out a press release of their own, explaining that they had also won an Emmy award. Their trophy signifies the alarmingly specific "Pioneering Work in Near and Real-Time Fully Programmable Shading Via Modern Graphics Processors," otherwise known as DirectX.

Clearly, we're all winners here, fully deserving of our own Emmy awards in the category of "putting up with this showboating nonsense." Attaching importance to this sequence of events is truly a Herculean task, as is keeping a straight face. We're meandering through internet meme territory here, with nothing but an important reminder to help us find our way -- games!

Shouldn't we be giving them awards?

[Check out all the Emmy "winners" here.]

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