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Brainic shows off VW-500 player with Kleer Audio headphones


RCA wasn't the only manufacturer this week to adopt that Kleer Audio OEM headphones design, it looks like Brainic is getting in on the fun with its VW-500 player. The hand clipped player isn't anything new, with its whole "Beat Sonic Vibration Function" gig for simulating a "subwoofer" in your hand, but the wireless headphones were those exact same little battery-conserving numbers that RCA was bragging about with its new Jet Stream player. If you're digging the player and the odd sensations it provides, you might be interested to know it comes in 1GB and 2GB flavors, manages codecs aplenty -- including photos and video on its teensy 0.95-inch screen -- and will be released at some random time for some random price and in some random place. Be prepared. Oh, and make sure you peep the gallery below.

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