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Countdown to Burning Crusade: Day 11

Barb Dybwad

Welcome to day 11 of the Countdown to Burning Crusade -- only a few short days until we get to line up with a bunch of other geeks around the world to pick up our copies of the expansion. We're continuing our screenshot theme this week with today's contest: we want your best PVP screenshot. It doesn't have to be taken specifically for this contest (although of course it can be) -- if you have a great PVP shot in your screencap library, send it on in to us at countdowntobc AT wowinsider DOT com. You've got 48 hours for this -- your submissions with "best PVP screenshot" in the title must be to us by 3pm EST Saturday January 13 to score a copy of the freshly updated Burning Crusade Official Strategy Guide from Bradygames. Get on it!

Don't forget the deadlines for our three grand prize contests are quickly approaching. You've got until midnight on Friday January 12 to get your WoW-themed song lyrics in, midnight on Saturday January 13 to get your fan art in, and noon on Sunday, January 14 to get your machinima contest entry to us. All entries are going to countdowntobc AT wowinsider DOT com -- remember you're not just sending us a video file! Read the official rules for submitting your video to YouTube and to us. Good luck to everyone!

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