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Full text of Microsoft exec's "I'd buy a Mac" e-mail


Remember that incident where a Microsoft Executive said that if he didn't work for Microsoft that he'd personally buy a Mac? Today's Seattle Pi has uncovered the full text of that e-mail. You can download a copy of it here (PDF). "I am not sure how the company lost sight of what matters to our customers (both business and home) the most, but in my view we lost our way," he wrote. "I would buy a Mac today if I was not working at Microsoft. If you run the equivalent of VPC on a MAC you get access to basically all Windows application software (although not the hardware). Apple did not lose their way."

Allchin points Gates and Ballmer to an Apple video, highlighting their philosophy. "They think simple. They think fast...If we are to rise to the challenge of Linux and Apple, we need to start taking the lessons of 'scenario, simple, fast' to heart."

In the end, it's not about who wins--Apple or Microsoft--but delivering the best possible product to the consumer, which is why I personally buy Mac. I'd be thrilled, however, to see Microsoft step up its game and take the lessons of Apple to heart.

[via Microsoft-Watch]

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