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Remembrance of raids past


As we all get hyped for the new content of Burning Crusade, Mallet of Medivh pauses for a toast to Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Ahn'Qiraj and Naxxramas, who had their last pertinent reset this week. Most of us have had some experience with these raids, and although many sincerely wish there had been more small-group content, you've got to applaud the thought and effort that went into the 40-man raids.

Mallet asks us all to remember our best raiding moments. Personally, I remember working nights and following guild progression on instant messenger as our little guild was dragged kicking and screaming through Molten Core, and the feeling of accomplishment whenever we killed something new despite being years behind in content. I remember everyone passing on Earthfury for my best friend because it was his birthday. I remember stepping into Blackwing Lair and thinking I would never ever understand the Razorgore encounter enough to beat it, and laughing hysterically with the other rogues during damage meter competitions on Vael. I remember getting dizzy running back and forth and back and forth to attack the melee brother on the Twin Emps. I remember getting yelled at for not knowing what "Sweep the leg!" referred to on Razuvious.

Most of all, I remember the good times I've had with friends and guildmates, memories that will outlast any loot we gained. So raise your glasses in a toast to the last 40-mans and repeat the mantra that all raiders have heard a thousand times: "LOOT THE #@*&! CORE HOUNDS!"

What are your best raiding memories?

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