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Toshiba shows off dynadock USB video docking station


Toshiba wasn't exactly forthcoming on this dynadock of theirs, but since it sounds pretty nifty, and was hanging out at Toshiba's booth like it just didn't care, we thought we'd give you the lowdown. The dynadock is a USB 2.0-based docking station that beefs up your laptop's video and audio ports considerably with minimal hassle. Once you've hooked up to the upright dock via USB, you'll automagically be flush with 6 more USB ports, S/PDIF audio, Ethernet, Serial, microphone in, headphone or speakers out, plus the bestest of them all: VGA and DVI-I ports. That way you can have your jumbo LCD, 7.1 sound system and full-speed internets all primed to go with the insertion of a single cable into your laptop, which sounds like an alright deal to us. We're not sure when this thing is going to show up in stores, or for how much, but isn't every thing so much more exciting with that kind of suspense? Make sure to peep the gallery below.

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