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Where does Apple go from here?


Thirty years ago was just the beginning, you say? So now what? What's the next act? Where does Apple Inc, née Apple Computer, go from here?

Steve Jobs and Apple have reinvented or revolutionized so many things over the years, it's hard to imagine what their next big move will be. I don't mean new operating systems and general hardware upgrades. I mean new ground.

First the personal computer, then the way we listen to music and view photos and video - at home and on the go - and now they've made the phone and PIM their own, with the iPhone. So what's next?

Apple has already invaded our offices and our living rooms, our cars, our bedrooms, our nursery, our closets, our gym, and even our bathroom! Will they invade our kitchen next? Our lawns? Is an Apple iFridge far off? iMower anyone? Seriously... on what area of our lives can Apple possibly still leave its mark?

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