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Mobile Crossing's WPX handheld has flashy lights and BTO specs


With the number of navigation, PMP and wireless communications devices out there, it's pretty clear by now that there's no one-size-fits-all solution for portable devices. That's why we're fairly intrigued by the new WPX unit from Mobile Crossing, which allows companies to customize their own devices with storage, software, branding and wireless options. The base model includes a Samsung s3c2440 ARM9 processor, 128MB of RAM, 32MB of flash, "SuperSense" GPS, user-upgradeable flash memory at 1GB and up, stereo speakers, and a 4-inch widescreen LCD. You can opt for wireless features like Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi and u-Blox sub-meter pro GPS. There's also a vibration dampened disk cage for 4GB-12GB HDDs, and a snazzy ring of colorful LED lights all around the unit that can be controlled by the software. The device is available large quantities to OEMs for widespread distribution and even custom operating systems, but it can also be purchased in quantities as small as one, starting out at $650 and available in February 2007. Check a few more pics after the break.

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