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New EGM reveals Guitar Hero: 1980s Edition (PS2)

Blake Snow

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The new issue of EGM (February no. 212) has the goods on a few unannounced games according to Gaming Target, namely Guitar Hero: 1980s Edition for the PS2. The title is expected to ship sometime this spring (alongside Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 maybe?). And though a 3-4 month release for an unannounced game seems oddly quick, EGM merely states, "trust us; it's coming." More Van Halen better be on that if true.

Other games announced in the newest issue included Tomb Raider: Anniversary for 360, a pair of RPGs for the PS2, Half-Life 2: Orange for 360 and PS3, and Midway's Blacksite: Area 51 (multi?). Click through for detailed descriptions of each.

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