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Rumor: MS has purchased Capcom


Stick this one under rumor of the day. According to inside sources (speaking to the usually credible Evil Avatar), Microsoft has nearly completed its acquisition of Capcom. Yes, you read that correctly: "nearly completed." Not "Microsoft is considering it," but that they've already done the deed. Frankly, we find it a little suspicious that Capcom would sell just as it's reaping some of the best success it's had in years (Dead Rising, anyone?). Then again, a good chunk of that success can certainly be attributed to Microsoft's platform (Dead Rising again, and Lost Planet). Still, we find it hard to believe that Capcom would give up all the multiplatform cash, but if anyone has enough money to convince them otherwise, it's Microsoft. If true, it would be quite a move by MS, securing them the rights to several of gaming's most popular franchises. The ramifications of having Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 5, Onimusha, Street Fighter, and Dead Rising exclusive to one console would be staggering, especially for the competition.

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