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Sony booth tour


The word "booth" is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to describing the area filled with Sony gizmos at CES -- let's just say that the square footage occupied by the consumer electronics giant takes up a fairly egregious percentage of the entire Center Hall. But hey, we can hang with that -- you don't have too many chances in life to witness a ginormous tower made out of LCD TVs. Click on for some highlights from the marathon we ran.

Wall o' Blu-ray

We're not gonna lie, 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio looks pretty sweet.

The Sony layer-cake VGZ-TP1.

Our living room... almost.

Obligatory fragfest.

The Vaio UX Premium Micro PC -- we're pretty sure we had a programming calculator with this same keypad once.

Wall o' Cybershots.

Of course we saw the Sony Reader last year, but we're pretty sure the stack of fake books is new. We imagine they're included when you order the Reader so you can convince your houseguests that you actually still read.

The curious little Mylo.

The W200i -- makes up for its weak specs by tasting like a creamsicle.

The James Bond Cybershot, to commemorate the international year of the spy.

The PlayStation 2 LF-B20 LocationFree.

The P990i, playing your stuff in that LocationFree kind of way.

Lair: you and your Nazgul.

If you're so inclined, browse the shots at higher-res in the gallery:

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