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The MO1 kidsphone

Peter Rojas

We've seen more than a couple of cellies for kids come out, and we just spotted another one at CES from a company calledItsImagical (that's their name, yo!) that claims to have the most "Original and Trendiest Mobile Phone for Children". We're especially happy that six year olds will no longer have to suffer the injustice of carrying around last season's handsets, but what's really noteworthy about the MO1 (which is basically a simplified GSM handset) is that it offers a handful of special features (and limitations), including the ability to limit all outgoing and incoming calls to numbers in the phone's address book; to limit text messages, not send them, and even then it can only receive from people in the address book; two speed dial buttons which can be preset to call mom and dad; an emergency call button. We're not sure whether the MO1, which is currently available in Spain, will ever make it to the States, but it did seem like ItsImagical were at CES to try and drum up some business.

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