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Toshiba Portege R400 reviewed


Laptop Magazine had the opportunity to put the new 12-inch, Toshiba Portege R400 through a review. One "especially convenient feature" of the convertible tablet is the ability to receive real-time alerts using Microsoft's Active Notifications and Push Technology. So long as you're connected via WiFi or embedded EV-DO Rev A, the front edge of the R400 can display real-time email and calendar notifications. In notebook mode, the full-size keyboard was comfortable though "a bit springy" and the digitizer (in tablet mode) was "accurate and responsive" even when making the subtlest of moves. Laptop Magazine wasn't too happy about the external DVD multidrive, though we're just fine having it strung from a tether in order to keep the weight down. The LED glossy screen was "bright and vibrant" but a bit "too glossy" resulting in glare and reflection especially in tablet mode. The biggest complaint is performance; pre-loaded with Windows Vista Ultimate, the reviewers noted "sluggish" performance from "some actions" making them wonder if the 1.2-GHz Intel Core Duo processor and integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics were "overmatched by the OS." Hmm, us too. Bottom line, they "like, not love" the R400.

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