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WoW Moviewatch: Mount up for Burning Crusade

Mike Schramm

Is it too late to get excited about spoilers from the Burning Crusade? If you don't want to see what all the mounts to come in Outland look like, don't watch this video. They've got everything, from the flying mounts to the Chocobos sorry, the Cockatrice sorry, the Hawkstrider. Common to epic, Griffon to Nether Drake-- watch at your own spoilery risk.

Of course this is clearly on a hacked server (we're not going to see mounts flying around IF, ZG, or TB for a long time), but it's still awesome. I can't wait to get my soon-to-be-created Blood Elf mage to 40, just so I can get me a non-mechanical birdie. WARK!

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