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Buffalo's new 20-inch LCD dons black or white

Darren Murph

In case that 19-incher was just a hair too small, Buffalo's cranking out a slightly larger panel in its FTD lineup by offering up the 20.1-inch FTD-W2025ADSR. Aside from the unnecessarily long name, this unit rocks a 16:10 aspect ratio, 1,680 × 1,050 resolution, 800:1 contrast ratio, 5-millisecond response time, and a 160-degree viewing angle. Additionally, you'll find a pair of skull-rattling one-watt speakers, DVI / VGA inputs, and an RoHS-approved logo to keep those energy costs minimized. Buffalo's apparently aiming for the trendy crowd, as it offers the panel in both black and white frames, and while we're not really feeling those feet on the stand, you can pick this one up later this month for a currently undisclosed price.

[Via Impress]

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