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Creative CES booth tour


Since last year, Creative won a court battle with Apple, became a Made for iPod partner, and has spread a whole lot of Zen ( ... portable media players) all over the world. Lets see what caught our eye at their booth this year.

It wouldn't be a booth at CES without a massive novelty version of one of the vendor's products.

Mirror mirror, on the wall, please display my mirror image on two displays for all / Engadget to see.

Fatal1ty owning a n00b. The n00b's first words after losing? "I got owned."

Holy crap, how did those projectors know that we had mislaid our Zen?

The Creative staff were entirely unhelpful in our quest to find our Zen.

Seriously, the constant taunting is really stressing us out. We already know we lost our Zen!


iPod ≠ Zen.

Well, this isn't our Zen, but we'll take it anyway.

More Zen.

Zen in white.

Trapped by plastic musical notes.

But we don't wanna go home yet!

Creative's corny and annoying song-and-dance marketing campaign behind the smoke screen it deserves to stay behind.

Zen wrapped up in colorful silicon.

Yeah, we don't know what they were doing here either. And no, we didn't touch them. Toys that aren't gadgets scare us.

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