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Will Cloak of Shadows be overpowered?


It's always hard to decide if it's time for your own class to be hit with the nerf bat. No one wants to become weaker, and even the most grossly overpowered bugs or changes can be defended to the death as "vital to the class." And that's why it's time to talk about Cloak of Shadows.

This former 41-point rogue talent is going to be trainable for all rogues at 66. It's a zero-energy instant cast effect that removes all harmful spell effects and increases your chance to resist spells by 90 percent for five seconds. It's also on a one minute cooldown.

As you can imagine, this has mages, priests, and especially warlocks somewhat steamed. This basically lets rogues clear off any damaging dots and resist most spells for five seconds, which is more than enough time to vanish, cheap shot, and then you're pretty much doomed if they're a dagger rogue. If they're a sword rogue, they can probably take your health down quite a bit while you're sitting there wanding them for five seconds anyway.

So far, most of the rogue response to complaints consists of "It has a cooldown!" "LOL Deathcoil!" and "It's just an escape ability!" As a rogue myself, I know that this is probably not going to be used as an escape ability by anyone but ... me, who hates fighting other players. If a rogue starts a fight with you -- and most of the time it WILL be the rogue who picks a fight because of stealth -- they're not going to use five seconds of essential invulnerability to run away. They're going to use it to stunlock or stab you.

Cloak of Shadows does seem to be somewhat overpowered. Although rogues needed something to combat casters (especially the annoying mages -- who's level 1 Arcane Explosioning now?), a instant, no-cost dot remover and 5 second invulnerability with a ONE MINUTE cooldown is a bit much, even in this rogue's eyes. But how can we even it out? An energy cost? A longer cooldown? Some people have suggested buffing it to 10 seconds and then having it share a cooldown with Evasion, which sounds nice to me.

Do you think Cloak of Shadows will need to be fixed, and if so, how would you fix it?

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