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Women's Health Mag: Grab your man's joystick


Los Angeles-based social psychologist Susan K. Perry, Ph.D. explains for Women's Health magazine that the couple who plays together, stays together. The games they recommend in the piece are Guitar Hero II -- excellent choice. Lego Star Wars and Spinter Cell -- still with you. Then they go for Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition -- yeah, that's a bit of stretch. Mario Party, WoW or even co-op Halo/Gears of War would have been less of a reach -- women like to chainsaw enemies in half too, you know?

Despite the Cpt. Obvious factor of this article, having a partner who is interested in your gaming lifestyle can help sustain the relationship after you get bored of lovingly staring into each others eyes. So, do you game with your significant other and what games do you play?

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