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2.0.5 patch notes

Eliah Hecht
2.0.5 seems to have rolled out again, this time with fewer problems (I'm now on and playing, anyway). I doubt very many of you are reading from work (unless you're in Europe, I suppose), but here are the rather boring patch notes:

World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.0.5 (01/14/2007)

  • Increased the maximum number of realms that can be listed in the Realm List.
  • Updated the Terms of Use.
  • Created an option to disable UI Acceleration for users of select video cards experiencing graphical corruption of the User Interface. To utilize this option, enter the following line to the file, located in the WTF subfolder of the game:

      Set UIFaster "x"

      Where x equals:

        0 - This turns off all UI acceleration
        1 - For Internal Use Only - DO NOT USE!
        2 - Enables partial UI acceleration only.
        3 - Enables all UI acceleration.


      Set UIFaster "2"

      Note: For users experiencing graphical corruption of the User Interface, it is recommended to try option 2 in order to correct the problem. If this does not solve the issue, then use option 0 to disable all UI Accleration.

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