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Apple iPhone trademark rejected in Canada?

Darren Murph

Regardless of what Mr. Jobs got up on stage and enunciated to us all, it seems Apple has quite the uphill battle to fight before this summer's big launch, and while it just might find a loophole to use the "iPhone" moniker here in the US (or not?), it looks the Canucks might have just shut Cupertino out. According to a trademark request in the Canadian Trademark Database, Apple's request to trademark the term "iPhone" has been "opposed" as of last week. Of course, the filing spills out a barrage of legal hub bub describing how Apple planned on using the term, a sequential list of events leading up the eventual denial, and lists Ontario's Comwave Telecom Inc. as an "Opponent," for whatever it's worth. Essentially, we're not particularly sure whether this opposition leaves the iPhone in Canada, but we're sure Apple isn't likely to take "no" for an answer.

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