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Flickr Find: Inside an Apple manufacturing plant

Scott McNulty

It looks like Flickr user dinsdale79 was lucky enough to get an inside tour of Apple's manufacturing plant in Ireland. He took a bunch of pictures, though nothing of a sensitive nature (so I am pretty sure no one will be fired over these pictures, so no need to comment about that).

This is a chance that few Mac users get, a chance to see how Macs are made, and tested. Sadly, the factory doesn't look like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, but those parts might be top secret.

Update: It was fun while it lasted. The set is down, there is nothing to see here. Move along.

Update II: I removed the pic that was on this post at the request of the original poster. It would seem he uploaded the pictures to Flickr but forgot to mark them private. Live and learn, I suppose.

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