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Microsoft moves 92,000 HD DVD add-ons over the holidays

Darren Murph

If you plunked down $200 to snag an HD DVD player for your Xbox 360 over the holidays, you were most definitely not alone, as 91,999 (or thereabout) other folks did precisely the same thing. Although other console-related figures have been a bit shaky, we've researched this 92,000 number fairly well, and we can confidently say that Microsoft didn't do half bad with its November launch. Of course, the biggest temptation is to draw unfair conclusions between how many HD DVD add-ons were sold in comparison to the amount of PS3s sold, but considering users can't opt out of the Blu-ray drive in their PlayStation 3, the correlation just isn't there. But hey, since we know you're wondering, it probably won't hurt to mention that Sony "sold" (forcefully or otherwise) around 687,000 Blu-ray players since November 17th, but there's still no just way to tell which console (if any) had an impact on high definition movie sales.

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