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odd-i showcases high-resolution P480D PMP

Darren Murph

We hadn't heard from odd-i in quite some time, but it was good to see the PMP creator back at CES, bringing the fresh goods along for the ride. The firm's latest, dubbed P480D, bears a striking resemblance to its P11N, bit this rectangle has a spruced up layout and design, and rather than rocking the same ole 4-inch LCD, this thing boasts a 4.8-inch display with a reported 1,024 x 768 resolution to boot. Little is known about the (presumably potent) innards just yet, but we do know it'll sport black / silver or white color schemes, a kickstand, USB 2.0 connectivity, headphone jack, and of course, the obligatory DMB tuner. Per usual, there's no mention of pricing or future availability, but be sure to hit the read link for to gawk a little more at that svelte screen.

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