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Seriously impressive Ghostbusters game in the works?

Kevin Kelly

We don't know whether this is a game in development, a mod, or just some fan's incredibly sick handiwork ... but there are some really slick looking videos on YouTube showing off what looks like a new Ghostbusters game. While the videos just show a member of the 'Busters running around destroying things with a proton pack, isn't that what you'd really love to do? Just don't cross the streams.

Other vids show a seriously pimped out Ecto 2, and footage of a CGI Peter Venkman (who looks a bit zombified), but that proton pack ownage is the sweetest by far. We haven't seen the rest of the team, but if they could sign on Aykroyd, Ramis, Murray and Hudson ... this thing could really own. Sure, Slimer would probably make a requisite appearance, but we can accept that if a possible finished product looks anything like this.

Ain't it Cool News has a writeup on the videos (without much more info), and they're all attributed to game developer ZootFly. They're based in Europe, and "are a team of passionate game developers bent on world domination. With cool games, that is." We've contacted them for further info, but for now check out the other videos after the jump, and figure out who ya gonna call.

[Thanks, Matt]

Ecto 2 - pimped for bustin'.

Peter Venkman hits the local news.

It may handle like a beast, but it's got all the options.

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