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An uneasy truce


Who knew all it would take for the Horde and the Alliance to stop fighting was the Burning Crusade? (Aside from all the lore, that is.)

My home server, Magtheridon, is usually a hotbed of PVP action, with Horde generally coming out the losers. But with everyone piling into the Outlands, both sides have come to an understanding that ganking is just going to make everyone's day a little longer. So we get surreal moments like me and a shaman, surrounded by fifteen alliance, summoning our Ramparts group with no interference, and Horde and Alliance waiting patiently in line for spawns and helping each other take turns killing the mobs at the Forge Camps. Sure, there are a couple of people ganking, and others who AOE without thinking and end up as a small, mage-shaped spot on the ground, but all in all it's been an amazingly peaceful day in Hellfire Peninsula.

How's the ganking on your server?

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