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Blizzard exec hints at Starcraft 2, world reels


Much like the annual Christmas Island red crab migration to the sea, World of Warcraft fans abandoned their keyboards last night to venture into the the considerably more frightening World of Retail. Blizzard's hugely anticipated expansion, The Burning Crusade, enjoyed several midnight launches, one of which took place in London's Oxford Street HMV. Blizzard's VP of business development, Itzik Ben Bassat, took the opportunity to mention that elusive StarCraft sequel.

"I'm a StarCraft player myself," he said, "and I hope it's not a decade, and we launched StarCraft in 1998, before I'm standing here again, celebrating the next game in the series." Unless he's referring to the sudden resurrection of StarCraft: Ghost (insert unhappy emoticon here), Mr. Bassat is essentially hinting at one of the most obvious and inevitable sequels in a universe that worships money. Be it Starcraft 2 or World of StarCraft, you can rest assured that you'll get your sequel eventually. Whether it'll arrive by 2008, however, seems a bit optimistic in frigid development climes.

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