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Customers reporting problems with DirecTV's TiVo service


DirecTV and TiVo have certainly had their share of problems with each other, but it looks like the relationship has now taken a turn for the worse on the technical level, with ZD Net reporting that customers are encountering widespread problems with their DirecTV with TiVo service. The main complaint appears to center around the Season Pass feature, with numerous customers on DirecTV's forums posting of shows only occasionally being recorded or not being recorded at all, with some also reporting that the problem seems to be getting progressively worse. Those who complained to DirecTV's customer service about the problem say they were told that the company is aware of the issue and that it could take anywhere from one to 30 days to fix it. To appease those missing out on their favorite shows, DirecTV's apparently been offering dissatisfied customers a range of incentives to keep 'em from jumping ship, including discounts off DirecTV with TiVo service and free Showtime for a month. The latest word on the forums, however, is that the problem still appears to be unresolved.

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