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Hands-on with the HTC Cavalier


Unboxing plain ol' released products is so 2006. The hip new thing is unboxing products that have yet to be released, like this here HTC Cavalier, and to a lesser extent, the iPhone. Boy Genius, international man of mystery, does the honors on this one, and while we don't see a box anywhere in sight, he makes up for it with a myriad of pics, so we're going to take his word for it that there was a box somewhere in these proceedings. As for the phone, that 400MHz processor, side mounted touch-wheel and 2 megapixel camera look just as promising in the flesh as they do on those oft-leaked spec sheets. Unfortunately, the phone seems to share its progenitor's curse of looking odd for the camera, but if it's as good in person as the Excalibur, we could still have a winner here. Unfortunately, HTC has sent out word that the phone is currently "postponed indefinitely," so we'll have to see what's up with that before we get our hopes too high for this little HSDPA number. Check another pic after the break, or peep the read link for the whole collection.

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