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Is Nibris too good to be true?


Cubed³ recently posted an update from Nibris, the mysterious Polish developer that's strictly dedicated to Nintendo platforms. Though comprised of a mere fourteen employees (according to Wikipedia), Nibris is supposedly working on seven different projects (four for Wii; three for DS); but only four titles have been confirmed: Raid Over the River (Wii & DS), Sadness (Wii), and Double Bloob (DS). From the tech demo, we also know that Fresh Chicken Studio (who?) is contributing to the development of ROTR for DS.

While Nintendo has apparently acknowledged Nibris as an official developer, we remain suspicious of the studio's sporadic contact with the gaming community. The mystery surrounding Nibris is as thick as the one blanketing the eerie glimpses of Sadness's concept art. Give us some tangible evidence. Make us believers!

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