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Kaga's TAXAN PS series 3 DLP WiFi projector


Kaga Electronics is set to unleash a trio of new DLP projectors onto Japan this March. The TAXAN PS series 3 consist of the KG-PS125X, KG-PS120X, and KG-PS100X models. The top-end PS125X can source pictures off SD cards or USB drives when connected to the projector's USB host port. Of interest, is the possibility to source PC content over a rather tight, 802.11b WiFi pipe in addition to an uninspiring array of inputs including analog RGB, composite, and S-Video. The PS125x and PS120X are both capable of a 1,024×768 resolution whereas the PS100X is limited to a mere 800x600 pixels. Prices will range from ¥198,000 to ¥99,800 ($1,644 to $829) when these inexpensive, 2,500 lumen DLP projectors hit Japan in March.

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