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NTT DoCoMo rolls out ten phones; in other news, sky is blue

Chris Ziegler

We think we've finally ceased to be amazed when Japan's NTT DoCoMo drops some endless array of new phones on its domestic market. Sure, the latest gaggle -- which includes the multi-manufacturer 703i series, the SO903iTV from Sony Ericsson, and the D800iS from Mitsubishi -- holds a number of claims to fame, but we're trying our darndest to stand firm in our commitment to remain unmoved by the torrent of Far East-style technology. The 703i variants from NEC and Panasonic, denoted with a "μ" on the ends of their model numbers, are said to be the thinnest WCDMA handsets in the world at 11.4 millimeters, the D800iS includes a second display in place of the keypad for handwriting recognition and various "ooh, aah" kinds of functionality, and the Bravia-branded SO903iTV rocks 1seg for mobile TV reception. We have to admit, our resolve is wearing a bit thin here; anyone care to fly us out to Japan?

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