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CamelBones: Now on MySpace

Jay Savage

All the people hanging out on MySpace looking for friends make me sad. A great programmer turning to MySpace looking for love for his project makes me sadder, especially when the project in question is arguably one of the most useful OpenSource projects out there for OS X. Nevertheless, Sherm Pendley sent the following around to the macosx Perl list early this morning:

Well, I've finally given into peer pressure and created a MySpazz
account and CamelBones group:


I'm getting a bit discouraged because CamelBones isn't gaining much
traction, and that leads to lack of motivation, which leads to not a
whole lot (well... nothing) getting done, which leads to not many new
users, which leads to... you get the idea. I'm looking for ways to
gain some new users, some new ideas, and generally psyche myself up
for the push to Leopardville.

Maybe some networking through MySpazz will help. And who knows - it
may even turn out that tons of people are using it, only I just don't
know about 'em.


For those of you who aren't familiar, CamelBones is an Objective-C framework that allows projects written in Perl to be easily wrapped in Cocoa GUIs. You could also think of it as a way for Cocoa programs to access Perl objects (and therefore that magic repository of all that is good in data manipulation and socket programming: CPAN). Either way, CB has made many programmer's lives much, much easier and helped secure Perl's place as an indispensable weapon in OS X programmers' arsenals.

So if you're a CB user and have a MySpace account, drop by the group. Say "hi" and maybe contribute a couple of those new ideas he's looking for.

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