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EA claims no Crysis for 360


Despite 1UP's claims to the contrary, EA has issued a statement denying the existence of Crysis for the Xbox 360. The information originated from a 1UP podcast, in which the 1UP staff claimed to have communicated with Crytek about the existence of a completely different and retooled version of Crysis for the 360 (the reasons for the retooling stem from the 360's lack of DirectX 10 support). EA states that 1UP's information was the result of a "miscommunication" and that no plans for a 360 version of Crysis have been announced. Furthermore, EA expects a retraction to be made soon.

While there may have been some kind of miscommunication involved here, we're not buying that EA isn't working on a 360 version of Crysis. Considering its reputation as the prettiest game evar, we find it hard to believe that EA isn't going to leverage this franchise on every platform imaginable. Crysis will likely hit the broadest spectrum possible, from the 360 all the way down to mobile phones. After all, if EA didn't spread Crysis as far as possible, then they wouldn't be EA.

[Via Joystiq]

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