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Epson's EMP-1810 and EMP-1815 3LCD business projectors


Epson just kicked out a new pair of 3LCD projectors in their EMP-1810 and EMP-1815. The 1815 is the king of this hill and features Epson's EasyMP (Epson Administrative SYstem for Meetings and Presentations) which, among other things, allows you to display content off CompactFlash cards and USB drives without the need for a PC. It will even source content off your PC over WiFi or project your laptop's display over a quick and dirty USB cable. Otherwise, the projectors share many of the same specs: 1024x768 pixel resolution; 3,500 lumens; 500:1 contrast ratio; 1.6x manual zoom lens; 2x analog D-Sub 15 RGB, composite, and S-Video inputs and another D-sub 15 for output; and direct shutdown for quick getaway. Both are relatively light for 3500 lumen projectors with the 1810 weighing in at just 2.9-kg (6.39-pounds). Ok, they don't throw 1080p, but they don't cost 5 Gs either. Both hit in early March with the 1810 going for ¥498,00 (about $4,121) and the 1815 for ¥448,00 (about $3,708). Look for 'em Stateside under the PowerLite branding soon enough.

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