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HTC Vox in the wild?

Chris Ziegler

When the shot's blurry, you know it's got to be good -- and boy oh boy, is this one ever blurry. This sucker is said to be an HTC Vox, the upcoming numeric and QWERTY keypad-equipped Pocket PC, doing what it does best. Notice the presence of a d-pad front and center, which is something we haven't seen on older shots, but we're not taking that to mean it ain't a Vox we're looking at here. Really now, can you imagine a Pocket PC without any sort of directional control? Still no word on when Voxes might be in abundant retail supply, but if it turns out to be true that a 3G radio is absent from its innards, it'd best hit post haste before we all end up waiting for a Wings.

[Thanks, Maximus]

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