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iPod NES hack explained


If f00 f00's NES-enhanced iPod has left you seriously reconsidering your choice of portable Doom controls, you can now do more than just stare at your iPod's suddenly inadequate click wheel, with f00 f00 following up his tantalizing video with a full step-by-step guide for bridging your own iPod/NES divide. As with most hacks involving a soldering gun, however, it's not exactly for the faint of heart or those concerned with warranties. That said, as far as NES-related hacks go, this one looks to be relatively straightforward, requiring just a few readily available parts and the requisite amount of skill and patience. As it turns out, however, the controller doesn't actually function as a dock, although f00 f00 says that would be a relatively easy modification to make.

[Thanks, Matt N]

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