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Klegg Genesis GPS V-12 G01 / G02 navigation systems

Darren Murph

While Klegg Electronics is typically known for its array of television sets and diminutive DAPs, these folks are now throwing down a new pair of GPS navigation systems in society's favorite color schemes. The Genesis V-12 G01 sports a trendy white / grey enclosure, 3.5-inch QVGA touchscreen LCD, a couple of LED indicators, rechargeable Li-ion battery, SD / MMC card slot, headphone jack, optional integrated microphone, audio / video playback, photo viewer, in-car mounting kit, and of course, the obligatory turn-by-turn guidance directed by a presumably robotic sounding dame. The G02 (pictured after the jump) features a black mesh motif, and interestingly enough, Klegg doesn't elaborate on why the ebony unit is superior to the G01, as both units tout the exact same specifications (sound familiar?), but the company does manage toss in a 1GB SD card with each unit. Although there's no hard details concerning price or availability, the G01 should reportedly end up running you somewhere close to $300 whenever these siblings land.

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