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Life/Style IPTV content jumps to WNBC New York

Darren Murph

New York's WNBC is well-known for its pioneering attitude towards high definition, and just like it broke new ground by delivering the local news to viewers in crisp HD, the channel is making waves again by offering up made-for-IPTV content on one of its digital channels. Not too long after seeing made-for-mobile content heading to the tube, Life/Style Television, an IPTV channel that caters to "affluent consumers," will soon be making the leap to broadcast television as well. The channel's original series, "LX.TV 1ST/LOOK: NYC," will be beamed out OTA on WNBC 4.4; additionally, cable customers will be able to catch the daily half hour show by tuning in on Time Warner, Comcast, or Cablevision. The program, which will introduce completely new episodes on a weekly basis, will take viewers around various NYC hotspots, and include first-hand experience with "nightlife, restaurants, shopping, kids activities, and fitness and wellness destinations." So if you're anxious to take on the city, but don't exactly feel like fighting the bustling crowds, you can tune in at 8:00AM, 11:00PM, or 2:00AM to catch the fresh programming.

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